Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Katie Brown Celebrates - Katie Brown

~Simple and Spectacular Parties All Year Round~

This is Katie Brown's fifth book, newly released from Hachette Books. This latest book is all about celebration.

" After all, the art of celebration is what makes life fun - it is what creates tradition and memories."

Brown provides us with the tools and ideas to make our own celebrations and memories. There are monthly ideas including graduations, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many more. Each month is introduced by an anecdote from Brown's life. There are decorations, favours, table settings and of course recipes for every occasion.

There are some great quick ideas - try using different colours and widths of duct tape to give a picnic table a new tablecloth. There are more involved ideas to create elegant tableaus as well.

What I enjoyed most were the recipes. There are some basics that are sure to become family traditions - Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Roll Ups has been tried and enjoyed in my kitchen. And some new twists on old standbys - Whole Grain Potato Salad, Apple Brownies. As well, there are some recipes that are completely new that I cannot wait to try - Parmesan Soup with Swiss Chard Dumplings is on my list. But my sweet tooth rules - there are some totally decadent desserts featured that had my mouth watering.

The entire book is filled with glossy, colour photographs detailing everything. There is also a section with the recipes broken down into categories - soups, main, desserts etc. Brown has also combined the recipes into new occasions - garden lunch, candlelight dinner and more.

This is a great book to follow or use as inspiration as you create your own celebrations. Want a copy of your own? Enter the giveaway for three copies here!


Anonymous said...

I agree - this is a great book!

Anna said...

This book sounds great. Parmesan soup...yum!

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