Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Confetti Cakes for Kids - Elisa Strauss

Okay that's a cake! Can you believe it?? I was immediately grabbed by this bright, bold cover - and the fact that that's a cake!

My children were subjected to many of my efforts that consisted of more desire than skill when they were younger. This book actually makes it quite simple. It's broken down in chapters covering the Basics - the equipment and tools needed. Techniques - icing techniques, how to use a pastry bag and more. And the best for me - Recipes - foolproof, tried and true, guaranteed to taste good recipes for cookies and cakes. I'm definitely using some of them this Christmas -the gingerbread cake and cookies and a great basic vanilla sugar cookie. All of them are straight forward, using ingredients you already have on hand.

And icing recipes! Okay put your hand up if you've ever added too much milk, then a little more icing sugar, oops a little more milk...... Again foolproof recipes for different buttercream icings and fondants. Decorated cupcakes and mini cakes are featured as well.

Have you ever bought a cookie bouquet before? I have, but don't think I will ever again - Strauss's directions make it easy to do yourself.

The cakes pictured are amazing and fantastical, but doable. This book will spark your creative juices and imagination!

Elisa Strauss owns the Confetti Cakes Bakery in New York City. Check out this video of Strauss discussing her baking.

Confetti Cakes for Kids was just released last week from Hachette Books and they are kindly sponsoring a giveaway for three copies!! You can enter here!


Anonymous said...

Great review - I just love the book's cover! :)

Unknown said...

Isn't this a great book? I loved it can't wait to make something from it.