Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Hunted - Roz Nay

Oh Roz Nay, you had me hooked right from the first chapter! If you're a suspense reader, you're going to want to pickup Nay's just released novel, The Hunted!

Stevie and her boyfriend Jacob decide to leave their small town and go on an adventure. They're headed to a secluded island where they'll work at a dive camp. (#1Beware of secluded islands!) On their way to Rafiki, they stay at a hostel that's a bit iffy. (#2) Stevie feels like someone is watching her. But then they meet Leo and Tamsin, a pair of seasoned travelers that make them feel a bit more settled.  And guess what! Yes, they're headed to Rafiki as well. (#3) Oh, the stage is set. (And there's one little detail in the opening chapters that I thought was perfect - take note of what book one of the other hostel guests is reading...)

We see the trip through Stevie's eyes and are privy to her worries, her doubts - and her fears. And who else has a point of view? Leo does. I'm not going to say more, but Leo's inner thoughts and dialogue are more than a little scary. The reader is aware of the overall picture - and the danger. I love that 'watching a scary movie with a pillow, ready to yell 'Don't go in the basement' feeling. And Nay has nailed it!

The tension builds with every chapter, ensuring a 'can't put it down read.' Which I didn't - it was done in a day. There's a nice twist as the end comes closer - I had my suspicions that this twist might transpire, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment at all. Perfect for back porch, beach chair reading! See for yourself - read an excerpt of The Hunted.


Q said...

I've been trying out books other than my "usual" reading stuff this year - and your review really makes this one sound fun. Back porch reading, amen - what I need! Thanks for sharing!

Luanne said...

Q, I try to read something outside of my 'normal' genres as well. I hope you enjoy this one! Thanks for stopping by.