Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Closing Costs - Bracken MacLeod

Bracken MacLeod's new novel, Closing Costs, has just released. If you like thrillers, then this is a book for you!

Nelle and Evan have just closed on their 'forever' home. It's perfect - there's only one neighbor they can't see and their property backs onto a state forest. Uh huh....you're getting an inkling aren't you...? Nelle is alone when a man invades her home...

MacLeod uses one of my favorite devices, writing a past and present narrative from two points of view - Elle and Mack, the invader. The pivot point is the sale of the house. Where did Elle and Evan get the money for such a house? Who is Mack and what does he want? You'll be quite surprised by the answers to both questions. MacLeod throws in a nice turn I hadn't expected.

Closing Costs reads like a movie in the vein of Bruce Willis. Nelle and Mack just keep getting up again and again, going far beyond what you would think the human body could tolerate. But, like those movies, suspend your disbelief and keep turning pages. The action is non stop and the tension is really high! And you've just got to know how it all turns out. 

I'm not sure I liked Elle very much, even though I was behind her need to best or escape Mack. Mack is, as my gran used to say, a piece of work - a violent misogynist. MacLeod's depiction of him gave me the shivers. 

Closing Costs could perhaps shortened up a bit - the escapes, near misses and more started to lose their impact after so many times. See for yourself - here's an excerpt of Closing Costs.  And make sure your doors are locked. 

(Gentle readers, this one's probably not for you - there are definitely trigger situations.)

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