Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Bone Code - Kathy Reichs

It's hard to believe that The Bone Code is the 20th book in Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan series! Having read or listened to the previous novels, it felt like catching up with an old friend.

Tempe is a forensic anthropologist who works on both sides of the border in Montreal and South Carolina. When a medical waste container washes up in a Carolina storm and is opened, the contents are horrific. Two bodies. Tempe is called in and recognizes the way the bodies are wrapped is identical to an unsolved fifteen year old case in Montreal. Could they be this far apart and related?

What do I enjoy about this series? I like Tempe, her intellect, her drive, her tenacity - and yes her crime solving skills. Those skills have been used in each and every book from Reichs. She knows what she's writing -Tempe owns Reichs' real life skill set. The mysteries and outcomes benefit greatly from this knowledge. This latest is no exception with DNA is at the heart of The Bone Code. I'll leave it there, but the plot is very, very current. I always learn a lot from the medical and forensic bits of the plot. The plotting for The Bone Code is intricate and will keep the listener on their toes. In addition to this main plot, there are other seemingly disparate threads, with one of them eventually being connected to the bodies in the barrels. Others are just 'shake your head' tales.

Another constant thread in this series is Tempe's relationship with long time beau Quebec Detective Andrew Ryan, now a PI. The dialogue between the two is fun and the romance believable. And lets not forget well traveled Birdie - the cat.

This was another great entry in this long running series. I'm looking forward to #21!

I chose to listen to The Bone Code and was very happy to see that Linda Emond was the reader. She has narrated at least the last ten books in the series. The continuity is great as she has become the voice of Tempe for me, matching my mental image. She has an interesting voice - there's a slight gravelly undertone and it rises and falls within a single sentence punctuating a point, reaction or emotion. A voice that carries an authoritative tone when needed. And a voice that matches the age of the character. Emond speaks clearly, enunciates well and is easy to understand. She does a great job with the French phrases as well. Emonds has interpreted Reichs' novel very well - an excellent performance. Hear for yourself - listen to an excerpt of The Bone Code.


Joy said...

Still need to binge this tv series, then maybe I could be persuaded to read the books. 20th in the series! Wow.

Luanne said...

I've never watched an episode either Joy - I really should!