Monday, July 12, 2021

Look What You Made Me Do - Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy has come up with an interesting premise for her new novel, Look What You Made Me Do

Carrie and Becca are sisters with very different temperaments - and interests. You see, Becca is a serial killer and over the years Carrie has helped her dispose of quite a few bodies. It's hard to say no to Becca and there's no telling what would happen if Carrie did refuse. When a large number of bodies are found buried in a park, Becca swears they're not her kills. Could there be another serial killer in their town? Becca decides they need to find him or her.

Okay, yes you're going to have to suspend belief a bit. Although, there are a number of actual cases with serial killer accomplices. 

The story is told through Carrie's point of view. And with that pov, the reader can see how manipulative and dangerous Becca is.  And once you're in, you can't get out. 

A cat and mouse game begins with the other killer and Carrie seems to be the prize. Every time Carrie comes home and opens her front door, she's not sure what she'll find.  Murphy did a great job ramping up the tension. I had a sense of watching a horror movie, ready to yell 'look under the bed' at Carrie.

There is more than one choice as to who the other killer is. I was leaning towards one character in particular and was happily surprised when it ended up being another. Murphy provides a nice turn in the plot midway and provides an unexpected, gotcha twist at the end. And she sprinkles some dark humour throughout.

For me, Look What You Made Me Do wasn't a serious suspense novel, if that makes sense. Still, I thought it was a novel idea that kept me turning pages and entertained. See for yourself - read an excerpt.


Vicki said...

Interesting! I may get it and read/listen to it later when I'm in a better reading place.

Mystica said...

If its entertaining I will certainly take a chance to read it. Thanks for the review.

Luanne said...

Hi Vicki -I know what you're saying - the urge to read ebbs and flows.

Hi Mystica - thanks for stopping by - it's different and a bit far fetched, but yes, entertaining.