Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Such a Quiet Place - Megan Miranda

I'm a fan of Megan Miranda's writing and was eager to read her new novel, Such a Quiet Place.

Hollow's End is a gated neighbourhood, an idyllic place to live, where the neighbours all know each other, host neighbourhood events, maintain an online community board, help each other out and more. Idyllic up to the point where two residents were murdered a year ago.  Another resident of Hollow's End was convicted of the murders - but the conviction was overturned. And Ruby has returned to the neighbourhood/scene of the crime. (And isn't the name Hollow's End just a little bit creepy?)

Ohh, the places this plot could go! And go it does. We meet all of the inhabitants and realize that that perfect veneer hides the sins and omissions of almost every resident. Harper Nash is the one resident who was close to Ruby. Harper was never quite sure of Ruby's guilt, but went to court and dutifully testified as to what she knew. Was it really Ruby? Harp still has doubts. But, she's under pressure from the rest of the neighbourhood to stick with the facts they presented last year. They also want Harper to convince Ruby to leave. Ruby is never given a voice, but is instead revealed through everyone else's memories, perceptions and actions. The first half of the book is slower while we come to know all the players. 

I loved the uncertainty as to who the real culprit was. Miranda kept me guessing with each new twist added to the narrative. I suspected every last one! Things move along much quicker in the second half of the book as the tension ramps up.

This is a great mystery read, but also a nice exploration of privilege, mob mentality, community and more. It's more than a little scary as it's not far from the truth at all. The ending caught me unawares and was a wee bit of a stretch. But overall, another great read from Megan Miranda. See for yourself - here's an excerpt.


Vicki said...

I've been seeing this here and there, it sounds good, and I enjoyed your review!

Luanne said...

I've read all of her previous books and enjoyed them. Thanks Vicki!

Book of Secrets said...

I don't know how I missed that she had a new book coming out! It's interesting that Ruby is never given a voice of her own. I'm curious.

Luanne said...

I enjoy her writing - hope you get a chance to read this latest Book of Secrets!