Thursday, July 29, 2021

Small Favors - Erin A. Craig

Erin A. Craig's new novel, Small Favors, has just released. It kept me company in a hammock for the weekend as I got lost in the tale of Ellerie and the town of Amity Falls. 

Amity means friendship and goodwill and the town of Amity Falls seems to be the epitome of that description. The isolated town was founded many years ago in a forest far from others. The strict set of rules the elders wrote has kept the town safe, both within and without. But when a lone horse is the only one to return from a supply train, the questions arises...have the monsters returned...?

Small, seemingly inconsequential events begin to happen - a broken tool, a rumor spread - and then grow in severity - crops destroyed, deformed animals being born, rumors growing to outright hate - and more sightings of the monsters. Oh, yes! An isolated town, clashing personalities, winter coming on and supplies are low. A recipe for trouble. Craig ramps up the tension to frighteningly creepy levels. To the point when you want to shout out loud at the characters - No, no, no!! Don't go there, don't talk to them, don't do that....

Eighteen year old Ellerie Downing is our protagonist. She is perfect for her role in this book. Kind, intelligent, responsible, determined, but also on the cusp of coming of age. And she does all the things you're going to want her not to do. She meets with a young man who traps in the pines beyond the town limits. He is welcomed into the Downing household. As are Ellerie's long lost uncle and his son. There are a number of supporting players as well. And Craig also provides a who's who list at the beginning of the book to help you keep track. 

Small Favors is a fairy tale of sorts - the kind with a dark, dark wood, an isolated settlement, an evil lurking presence, townsfolk not seeing the madness until it may be too late, and a golden haired heroine who may have the answers to save them all. Oh, and a prince of sorts.

I loved it! Kudos to Erin A. Craig on weaving a tale that kept me totally engaged. (And I'm long past my teens.) I loved the plot, was on side with the protagonist and couldn't wait to see what was on the next page. Craig's writing is excellent. Small Favors was an great, escapist read. See for yourself - read an excerpt. (And don't you love that cover!)

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