Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleeping With Ward Cleaver - Jenny Gardiner

Are you looking for just the perfect little paperback to slip into your beach bag?

Well, look no further than Jenny Gardiner's debut novel from Dorchester Publishing. The kitschy cover art and blurb by Meg Cabot promise a light fun read. It was the winner of Romantic Time's American Title III contest.

We meet Claire Dolittle, a married mother of five (!) who isn't too happy with her life, her husband or herself right now.
"I am not Claire anybody. I'm a cookie-cutter, nagging, middle-aged mother-slash-sexless housewife, fighting a date with destiny: sex with Ward Cleaver and eventual death and burial as a washed-up has-been of a woman."

Claire now views her husband Jack as lead character Ward Cleaver from a sixties sitcom. Ward was the master of his domain, dispenser of all wisdom for his family and somewhat humourless.What happened to the fun, spontaneous sexy man she married?

When an old flame, Todd, contacts Claire they start an email correspondence that becomes more than a little steamy. At the same time Jack is off to a business conference in Miami with his young new assistant Julia. When Claire offers to go as well, Jack turns her down. Is he having an affair??

Claire receives some unexpected advice from Todd- " What makes you happy, Claire? Is it anything that you actually do? Or are you spending your life with have-tos? Remember, all work and no play makes Claire a dull girl!"

Well, maybe Todd is right. Maybe she needs to change her outlook as well....but first off to Miami to find out what's going on at that conference.

Gardiner recreates many scenes that women with children can relate to - the mess, the scheduling, the demands, trying to hold an outside job and still hold on to who you are throughout it all.

Supported by a cast of off beat family and friends, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver is just what it promises to be - a fun read with a feel good ending that might just make you think twice about your own relationship!

Gardiner is also a writer for The Debutante Ball, a grog that features first time authors. Pretty funny stuff - check it out here.

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Jenny Gardiner said...

hi Luanne! Thanks for the lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Sleeping with Ward Cleaver!