Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is back in her fourteenth adventure in this series from Janet Evanovich.

For those of you who haven't hear of Stephanie Plum - well, you're missing out on a laugh out loud read.

Stephanie works works for her cousin Vinnie as a bond enforcement agent in Trenton, New Jersey. Her sidekick Lula is a former ' ho with a penchant for for spandex two sizes too small. Her boyfriend Morelli is a local cop. Stephanie also moonlights for Ranger, who owns a security firm. But best of all ( in my opinion) is Stephanie's family - especially Grandma Mazur. Her antics are hilarious.

Fearless Fourteen finds Joe's cousin Dom released from jail. Dom wants to lay his hands on the loot he stashed from a bank robbery - the reason he was in jail. The problem is - Dom's partners want their share too. Everyone thinks the key to finding the loot is in Morelli's house. And the ex partners think that kidnapping Dom's sister Loretta might trigger some action. This leaves her teenage son Zook with no parental figure. Joe and Stephanie take him in. Throw in Moondog (from previous tales), Gary the Stalker, Brenda the aging songstress, Bob the dog and it's really just non stop crazy situations.

The snappy one liners, the sexual tension between Stephanie, Joe and Ranger, Grandma's antics, and the lives of the folks in the 'Burg' all add up to a rollicking good read.

Although they can be read on their own, reading them in order (start with One for the Money) will give you the most enjoyment.

Pure entertainment reading that won't take you too much time but will deliver lots of laughs.

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