Thursday, June 30, 2022

One of the Girls - Lucy Clarke

Oh, you're going to want to get your hands on a copy of Lucy Clarke's new novel - One of the Girls. It's a fantastic read!

Six women head off to an isolated villa in Greece. Bella, one of the six has arranged for a bachelorette party in anticipation of Lexi's wedding. Robyn, Ana, Fen and Eleanor round out the six.

One of the six (we don't know which) acts as a narrator for some short italicized inserts between some chapters. The foreshadowing in those short missives just fueled the fire for me. 

"We all had different reasons for being there. But one of us - well, she had a very specific reason for saying yes to the hen weekend. The problem was, none of us realized until it was too late."

On the surface, the relationships between the women are good - old friends meet new, memories are recounted, new ones are being made and more. But there are undercurrents, tendrils that have been hidden, but are slowly but inexorably making their way to the surface. Planting roots and changing how the dynamic of the women changes. Incidents from the past, suspicions, jealousy. Revenge perhaps?

Clarke has done an amazing job creating her characters. I could mentally see each one very clearly in my mind. Their thinking and actions ring true and are very believable. I know who I liked and who I would avoid in real life. Each player is given a voice with their own chapters. 

And this is where the unravelling begins. Those tendrils start winding themselves together. The connections were ingenious and surprising. I really enjoyed being got off guard. I hadn't imagined the ending at all and truly thought things would play out a different way. But, I was quite satisfied with how things turned out. 

Clarke's prose are effortless and make for addictive reading. An easy five stars to One of the Girls. See for yourself - read an excerpt.


Kay said...

I like the sound of this one and I usually like the 'hen' weekend type of books. As long as there is at least one character that I can like. Don't care for the 'everybody is horrible' bunches. I'll keep this one in mind.

Luanne said...

Yes Kay, there is one I really liked!

Ethan said...

Adding this one to my list!

Luanne said...

Wonderful Ethan! I hope you'll enjoy it!