Thursday, June 23, 2022

Never Coming Home - Kate Williams

Time for some YA fiction reading in the hammock! What book came with me?Kate Williams' new novel, Never Coming Home

Never Coming Home takes a bit of inspiration from Christie's 'And Then There Were None.' Ten teen influencers are invited to be the inaugural guests of a super secret resort on Unknown Island. Upon landing on the island, each guest feels like something is off with the vibe, the accommodations aren't as luxurious as the photos promised and where are all the staff? 

The ten are a diverse group that don't really know each other, but they've checked out each other online. Who has the most followers? Why this group of ten? What's the connection? Well, the connection is a dark one as each guest has a similar secret. And those secrets are about to see the light of day. 

This premise lends itself to so many ways the book could play out. I loved the social media component. Nothing is ever as it appears on a screen, is it? There is a screen in the lounge on Unknown Island.....and someone is posting. 

And then there were nine.
And the methods of dispatch? Decidedly devious! 

I enjoyed trying to figure out who the culprit was, changing my choice quite often. Williams puts a nice spin on the final whodunit with a surprise twist. I did feel the epilogue was a bit too detailed. Shorter and snappier would have matched the pace of what came before.

Never Coming Home was a fun, escapist read that was hard to put down. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Never Coming Home


Kay said...

I saw my local library had ordered this book and thought about putting it on hold. Didn't know it was a YA book, but I think I will put it on my list. Sounds good!!

Luanne said...

It's cheesy fun!