Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Suburban Dicks - Fabian Nicieza

Oh my gosh, I picked up Fabian Nicieza's debut novel - Suburban Dicks - and was hard pressed to put it down. It's a quirky, fun read with some really well drawn leads. Oh, and a murder or two.

It was only on turning the final page that I discovered that Nicieza is the co-creator of  Marvel's Deadpool. Uh, huh that same wry, sarcastic biting humor, an unusual, intriguing mystery (swimming pool permits are a key factor) and two decidedly different leads. 

Kenny Lee - "A Pulitzer at twenty-two, disgraced by twenty-seven, irrelevant at twenty-nine." And when he gets an inkling of what might be his comeback story, he's all over it. Can I mention that Kenny is a bit of a narcissist? He'll spin the story so he's the hero. But he'll need Andrea's help.

And the other lead? Oh, I couldn't get enough of her! Andrea Stern was an up and coming profiler with the FBI over ten years ago. And then she got pregnant, got married and is now expecting her fifth child. When she inadvertently stumbles across a crime scene it awakens the need in her to solve the crime, to bring justice to the victim. But she'll need Kenny's help. Her skills are still sharp, but the methods are a bit different - needs must. (Call in the Cellulitists!) And her mothering skills had me laughing out loud.

Fresh, fun and with no way to predict what would happen next, Suburban Dicks was a fantastic read for me. And with that said, I really hope there's another Suburban Dicks book in the works. The ending hit just the right note - but I want more Andy - and okay, more Kenny. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Suburban Dicks. 


Mystica said...

I'm sorry that I could not get to this earlier. It has just been archived on Netgalley. Sounds such an interesting read.

Luanne said...

Oh drat Mystica - it really was so good!