Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Hairpin Bridge - Taylor Adams

Taylor Adams kept me on the edge of my seat with his previous book, No Exit. And his latest book, Hairpin Bridge? Couldn't put it down! I love twists and turns, but Hairpin Bridge is a corkscrew of a read!

Lena's twin sister Cambry is dead - suicide they say. They? The cop who was the last to see her on the isolated Hairpin Bridge in Montana. But Lena doesn't buy it - there's just too many inconsistencies in Officer Raycevic's report. She asks to meet him on the site of Cambry's death - Hairpin Bridge. And he agrees.... Lena has her own agenda though...

I love books with epistolary elements. In this case its Lena's blog and entries are scattered through the book.

Hairpin Bridge is told from Cambry's point of view, giving the reader an inside look at what really happened to her. Or does it? The POV switches to Lena in real time on the bridge with Officer Raycevic. It starts off cordial enough, but there's an underlying, simmering tension on both sides that quickly comes to a boil. And again, what is the truth? Raycevic also has a few chapters of his own as well - and his are downright scary. 

The twists and turns come hard and fast. What is the truth? Its near impossible to tell and very hard to predict what's coming next. There are most definitely some gruesome parts and creepy conversations - and great gotchas.

Kudos Taylor Adams - you made me squirm! That tension and action never really lets up and it was hard not to flip to the final pages! Over the top in spots? Absolutely - but it made for addictive reading. Hairpin Bridge would also make a great movie. (Gentle readers, this may not be the one for you)

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