Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Newcomer - Mary Kay Andrews

Here's a question for you - how do you know when summer is just around the corner? And the answer is.....when Mary Kay Andrews releases a new book! The Newcomer releases today - and it's such a great read!

We meet our lead character Letty as she pulls into the Murmuring Surf Motel (don't you love the kitschy name?), in the Florida town of Treasure Island. She's driven non stop from New York with her four year old niece. Why? The unthinkable has happened - Letty's sister and Maya's mother Tanya is dead. Tanya always said "If anything bad happens to me - it’s Evan. (her ex) Promise me you’ll take Maya and run. Promise me.”

In the last few books MK has added a mystery alongside the romance and feel good nature of her books. It really works for me, adding another layer to her books.

I loved each and every character in the book - from Letty and the extremely cute Maya, to the warm and welcoming motel owner Ava, her daughter Isabelle, the crotchety, but lovable senior residents, Ava's handsome son Joe - and more. They're all so well drawn and likeable. All except that Evan - MK did just as good a job drawing such a loathsome antagonist.

I loved the setting! It reminded me so much of my holidays when I was younger and I would happily stay there today as well. It has such a welcoming feel - kinda like a 'Cheers' vibe.

And yes, romance is another facet that makes Andrews books such great summer reading. It's not overt, sappy or in your face. The attraction is well done and fits seamlessly into the plot.

Now, take these wonderful characters, the fantastic setting and weave in the mystery of who killed Tanya. What have you got? A book you don't want to put down. And I didn't. Five stars for another engaging, heartwarming, eminently readable, take me away from it all, beach worthy read.  See for yourself - here's an excerpt of The Newcomer.


Vicki said...

I don't think I've ever read a book by Andrews but I do love books that take place in the area I live. I grew up going to St. Pete beach and my parents almost bought a house in Treasure Island. I think I may get a copy of this book.

Luanne said...

Vicki I just like her books - they're great escapist reading. The earlier ones are more romancy, the latest few incorporate a mystery. She puts out one book a year and I've read them all!

Mystica said...

Second review today of this book on the blogs! sounds such a good read. Thanks for the review.

Luanne said...

Thanks for reading Mystica. I always enjoy her books. Hope you get a chance to read it too.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

oooh this looks good! Thanks for sharing!

Luanne said...

Thanks for stopping by Many Thoughts! It is perfect summer back deck reading!