Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Not Dark Yet - Peter Robinson

Not Dark Yet is the 27th entry in Peter Robinson’s fabulous Inspector Banks series. I’ve read each and everyone and couldn’t wait to pick up this latest. 

Not Dark Yet picks up where the last book left off. We met Zelda in the 25th book, Careless Love. She worked with law-enforcement to identify those in the sex trafficking trade, that she herself survived. She moved to Eastvale and has found a partner and new life within Banks' circle. But for Zelda, she feels like she has unfinished business with her past.

Banks and his team have business to attend to as well - there's been a double murder at a luxury home. The Albanian mafia may have been responsible - and a series of covertly filmed videos that add another layer to the case.

The plotting in Robinson's books is always intricately woven. Seemingly disparate threads are slowly but expertly woven together. The conclusion is always satisfying, but not always what the reader might have imagined. The plots ring true, often taking inspiration from current social issues and headlines. 

Banks has always had a strong moral compass,- but it doesn't always fit into the legal parameters of the department. Indeed, he makes some interesting choices in Not Yet Dark - and I can't say I disagree with them. Regular supporting characters Annie and Gerry are back. Annie has always been a favorite of mine and Gerry has really grown on me. 

Inspector Banks books are meant to be savored. The story moves along well, but at a thoughtful pace that allows the reader to ruminate along with Alan. I enjoy his honest self contemplation and his love of music. (I often search out his playlists) He seems world weary in this latest - I hope it doesn't herald the end of Banks....

Another excellent addition to this series. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Not Dark Yet. 


Unknown said...

I always liked Banks myself, although I sometimes found his moral compass surfacing unexplainably and obtrusively and occasionally looking suspiciously like a deus ex machina when he plots himself into a corner.

Luanne said...

I can see that Unknown, but I still love the books!