Thursday, October 1, 2020

Playing Nice - JP Delaney

I must admit - I didn't love J.P. Delaney's last book. It was just too far fetched for me. However.....he has redeemed himself in my eyes with this latest book - Playing Nice.

No robot companions here. Just two sets of parents trying to cope with an untenable situation. Both families have a two year old son. Both boys were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after their births. And...imagine this....Miles and Lucy contend that the boys were switched. DNA seems to prove Miles right. What a great premise - there's so many avenues this story could take.

Pete and Maddie are stunned, but agree that they will leave things as they are, but will try to be present in each boy's life. Uh huh, what would you do? There's lots of arguments for and against the path they've decided upon. But really, you can see what's going to happen can't you? Yes, you're right - one couple decides they want more....

And so begins a wonderfully delicious cat and mouse game. It starts out with small things that seem reasonable, but escalates. Until one couple's lives have been turned completely upside down and inside out. And it's all legal. But no one is blameless - each of the four is harboring secrets.

Delaney does a great job bringing his characters to life. The reader will have no problem deciding who they're behind. Or will they? There are a number of revelations that had me questioning how things were going to end up. And I have to say the ending was a nice little gotcha! Read an excerpt of Playing Nice.


Mystica said...

You need to be Solomon to decide what to do.

Luanne said...

You're right Mystica! And that analogy is used in the book.

Icewineanne said...

This one surprised me because I’m finding most domestic thrillers a little ho-hum now. Really enjoyed them in the beginning, but now it seems like authors are just trying to out-twist each other, the crazier the better.
Playing Nice was a pleasant change & I would recommend to everyone who enjoys a domestic thriller or just a terrific mystery.

Luanne said...

I agree with you re the out twisting each other. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this one as well!