Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Christmas at the Island Hotel - Jenny Colgan

Is it too early to read Christmas fiction? Absolutely not! And especially when it's the latest novel from Jenny Colgan! Christmas at the Island Hotel releases today.

Colgan takes us back to the remote, wee, Scottish island of Mure - and it's residents. I'd be quite happy living there myself. I always feel like I'm catching up with old friends when I turn the first page of the latest Mure tale. And making some new ones as well - new characters are introduced with each new book. Some who may have been in a supporting role in previous tales now take a bigger part. But, each and every one of them has a part to play in the tapestry that is the life of Mure.

Christmas at the Island Hotel picks up where the previous book left off. Flora and her large, noisy, eccentric family are still working to get the Island Hotel up and running by Christmas. They'll need staff - and here's where the new characters and storylines are introduced. But Colgan also continues on with the lives of many other recurring players. I've become quite invested in their lives. Colgan does a bang up job with the interactions, complications, emotions and feelings of her characters. They ring true. Everyday life, love lost, love found, friendship, family rifts, family uniting and community are the driving forces behind Colgan's works.

This is the time of the year when I enjoy seasonal reading, cosying up with a feel-good read, along with a cup of tea and a warm blanket. Christmas at the Island Hotel is the perfect choice - heartwarming, engaging, joyful, romantic, humourous and a great escape. I was sad to turn the last page, but I just know there's more in store for the folks in Mure And this reader can't wait!


Mystica said...

Thanks for the review. I like this author.

Luanne said...

Me too Mystica - always a feel good read.