Thursday, October 15, 2020

It Can't Be True! Animals! - DK Canada

When my kids were younger, they adored the annuals that gave you lists of the biggest, the most and so on. DK Canada has a series called It Can't Be True! And the one that caught Little Guy and Gramma's attention was It Can't Be True! Animals! Unbelievable Facts About Amazing Animals.

Little Guy always has to peruse the cover before opening a book. And he was hooked by this one. Was that dog real and almost as small as a tennis ball!?

It Can't Be True Animals has divided the entries up into five categories: Skills and Senses, Unbelievable Bodies, Strength and Speed, Homes and Hideaway and lastly Growing and Breeding. The question and it's page number are listed under the headings. And guess what - yes, we had to find the smallest dog entry first. The listings made it easy to find. What we found was a color, enlarged picture of Milly the wee dog compared to the feet and forelegs of the tallest dog. A fast facts sidebar box gives more smallest and largest comparisons - cat and horse. The layout is attractive, not too busy but with lots to look at and talk about. The font size is varied with bold and colored text giving emphasis to the facts being presented.

Well, from that one entry, Little Guy really had the idea of the book and just started flipping through pages and stopping when a photo caught his eye. The photos were more attractive than the drawings for him - "it's real".

There's much to talk about as we stopped and looked at the ones that caught his eye. Take those comparisons and make a conversation out of the information given. I learned many things along the way as well. Little Guy loves to share snippets of information and this gave him a wealth of "Did you know..." pieces. What is the loudest animal? (A sperm whale) Many of the entries are more in depth than I would have supposed from the cover shot.

The books is printed on good quality paper, the photos are sharp and clear, the layout is attractive and engaging and the information is interesting and well presented. The format allows the reader to pick a page at whim and learn something new each time.

Gramm and Little Guy both both enjoyed It Can't Be True! Animals! (As did many of the adults who picked it up off the coffee table to have a 'quick look'.) Check out the page below for a closer look.

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