Thursday, October 22, 2020

Invisible Girl - Lisa Jewell

Invisible Girl is the latest novel from Lisa Jewell. Each of Jewell's book has been different - it's impossible to predict what you might find inside - other than a good read that is!

Owen is 30 and lives with his aunt. Owen is a bit, well, a bit different. The Fours family have just rented the house across the street from Owen. Dad Roan is a child psychologist, Mom Cate is a physiotherapist and their two kids are in school. Also on the street, but hidden is Saffyre. She's not sure why she does it, but Saffyre spends many, many hours following Roan and watching his family from the shadows. And then she disappears...and Owen Pick is the main suspect.

The idea of someone watching is not new, but it still gives me the creeps. And as the reader is privy to what Saffyre sees and does, we can see the danger coming before she disappears. You just want to tell her to stop and go home. The book also evolves through Cate and Owen's points of view. Jewell does a great job with her characters. They're all unlikeable and many made my skin crawl. Saffyre was the exception. Owen is socially awkward, but is that a crime? His looks also contribute to what people think of him. Whereas the Roan family present 'better' and are treated differently. Preconception and actions taken contribute to the shape the story takes. A nice bit of social commentary is woven into the book. Bullying also rears its ugly head in Jewell's plot. 

Secrets and lies drive this book forward. Every character is hiding something. And with each new revelation, the direction I thought things were going to go changes. There are some nice twists in Invisible Girl. And I have to say, I love twists! Another addicting read from Jewell. Here's an excerpt of Invisible Girl

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