Saturday, July 8, 2017

Do it Yourself - with DK Canada!

I am a huge DIYer. I love fixing, building, creating and learning. What better book to have as a reference than Do It Yourself: A step-by-step guide to fixing, building and installing almost anything in your home by Julian Cassell, Peter Parham and Jon Eakes. Do It Yourself is only one of the great reference books available at DK Canada. This edition has been adapted for Canada by Jon Eakes and complies with Canadian building codes.

I've lived in a fixer upper for many years. We're heading into the home stretch - just in time to start all over again! It's been a learning curve! This is a great 'how do you do it?' for anyone starting out in their first home or those just looking to make sure they're on the right track.

You'll find scores of subcategories under these main headings: Tools, Equipment and Materials, Alterations and Repairs, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Decorating and Finishing, Improving HOme Performance, Outdoor Alterations and Repairs, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating. Whew! I think that covers everything you might need help with in your house!

What makes this book one of my favourite reference books are the pictures. I am a visual learner and following the clear concise directions accompanied by detailed colour images makes me feel confident in both the instructions and my ability to follow them. Every 'task' includes an overview, a materials and equipment list and is then broken down into steps. This attention to detail makes even large jobs seem doable. There's nothing like doing it yourself.

I've had great fun flipping through and reading various entries. There are some great ideas throughout. As well as some 'problem solver' sections and safety precautions. What's really neat are the 'green' entries - conserving energy using solar power, wind power and more.

Just an excellent book all round! Now, I'm off to lay out a cement pad for my new garden shed!

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Mystica said...

I am really bad at the DIY scene but I admire tremendously those who can!