Sunday, April 13, 2014

Earthly Pleasures with DK Canada

Well, we finally had a few days warm enough to start melting all the snow. There's still a few piles left in my yard, but I was out peeking at my flowerbeds today....and there's life under there!
To celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd),  DK Canada has a great selection of titles in their
Earthly Pleasures Boutique at 30% off until April 23/14.
"Celebrate the wonderful planet that we call home. "Make the world a better and more sustainable place for every living creature with organic primers or exercise your love of the outdoors with our gardening books filled with terrific tips and ideas for those with a green thumb. There's also a selection of children's books that showcase the natural world and ways to make a difference."
I've always been a vegetable gardener with a few flowerbeds. I'm looking to change that and expand the flowers. But no matter what you're looking to plant, I have the book for you - the Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening - revised and updated March 2013. Editors: Christopher Brickell and Trevor Cole.

This book is amazing!! Literally anything and everything you wanted to know about gardening in Canada is covered. There are 760 pages chock full on any and all information you could ever want or need on gardening
The first part covers creating your garden. Do you need help designing? What will grow in your zone? (There's a hardiness zone map on the flyleaf)Choose your plants - and refer to the detailed description for almost every growing thing you can imagine -from fruits, vegetables, herbs, all types of outdoor plants, shrubs, trees, lawns, houseplants, water gardening and more.

And once you've got it all in the ground, you can refer to Part Two - Maintaining the Garden. Everything from tools and equipment, climate, soil, building plans and more. I found the visual guide to plant problems really good. Not sure what you're looking for? There's a wonderfully detailed index at the back.

DK produces the best reference books. They're always well laid out, easy to read and populated with wonderful photographs detailing the information. ( In this case there are over 4000 colour photos!)

The Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening is the last reference book I think I'll ever need for gardening. And until I get out there and get my hands dirty, I'm having lots of fun daydreaming and planting on paper! That chapter on water features is getting another look.....

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