Friday, April 21, 2017

Film on Friday #51 - The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

I covered the last of the leftovers and washed the last dish last Sunday. Easter Sunday in fact. And then I sat down to watch what turned out to be a perfect movie for the day - The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

Gavin Stone was a child television star. But that fame has fizzled and Gavin is now just another washed up actor. In trouble. Sentenced to community service, Gavin picks a church in his old home town to do those hours. But when he sees that the church is running a play, he decides to audition for the role of Jesus. The catch - he pretends to be a Christian.

I knew I was going to like the movie right from the opening scenes. It had a very modern (and funny) feel to it.

Brett Dalton was a great choice for the lead - his transformation from smug 'star' to finding his faith is well portrayed - and believable. The supporting cast of characters were just as great. I really liked ex-wrestler Shawn Michaels in his role as Doug. And D.B. Sweeney has just the right tone as the church's pastor. Wise enough to know when to let things play out, but full of good advice when needed.

Gavin fumbles and bluffs his way through what he believes a Christian 'looks' like. His first church service was quite funny - Communion wafers and wine, the collection plate and his idea of the way he should dress and behave. And the rockin' live band quite surprised him.

But it the way we live that professes our faith. This is what Gavin eventually sees - the members of the church living their faith. The play within the movie was very moving, with key scenes of Christ's life portrayed. As Gavin acts his way through the production, he begins to change......

The relationship between Gavin and his father needs repairing as well. I liked the understated way this was handled. Again, very believable.

I did mention earlier that The Resurrection of Gavin Stone was the perfect movie for Easter Sunday viewing. But, it would be great viewing anytime for those looking, exploring or confirming their faith. A wonderful film to show at church or watch with friends. Suitable for family viewing as well and a great soundtrack as well! Check out the trailer below.

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This is new to me but I think I'd like it too!