Thursday, March 2, 2023

Murder Your Employer - Rupert Holmes

Oh my gosh! I absolutely loved Rupert Holmes' new book - Murder Your Employer: The McMasters Guide to Homicide.

Have you ever worked for an employer that was cruel, mean, thoughtless, sneaky and well, found yourself in a downright untenable situation? Maybe you daydreamed about - you know - getting rid of said boss?

In Murder Your Employer, we meet and follow three people who are thinking about 'deleting' their nemesis. But first they'll have to go through the program at "The McMasters Conservatory for the Applied Arts, a luxurious, clandestine college dedicated to the fine art of murder."

I loved the premise - it's very clever and really well drawn. The classes weren't what I had imagined. Every facet of a possible deletion is covered in the syllabus and a final thesis is a requirement. The description of the classes, the 'games' and more is just so inventive - and quite funny at times.

Now, the three we're following are there for one purpose, but I couldn't think of them as antagonists at all, instead I was firmly behind them. Those three characters are wonderfully drawn and I quite liked each one of them. The 'why' of their situations are slowly revealed as the past is visited. There's a large group of supporting characters, all just as well drawn. The rotating points of view and timelines made for addictive listening.

The premise is brilliant and the plotting is intricate and devious. I absolutely adored it. Murder Your Employer needs to be a movie!

I chose to listen to Murder Your Employer. I was was thrilled to see that award winning Simon Vance was one of two readers. He is hands down one of my favorite narrators. His voice is rich and full with a wonderful accent. He has so much movement in his voice - each and every word is a performance. He captures the emotions of the characters and the actions and plotting of the book. And the second reader is a voice you'll recognize as well - actor Neil Patrick Harris. He too has a wonderful voice and his voice is perfect for the character he presents. He has a very expressive voice. The two together make this a fabulous audio book! Definitely one of my favorites for 2023. Hear for yourself - listen to an audio excerpt of Murder Your Employer.


Cathy said...

Well, after reading your review, guess what I just spent an Audible credit on? :-)

Luanne said...

Personally I think it's worth a credit Cathy! I really hope you enjoy it (I think you will!)