Thursday, March 30, 2023

Blind Spots - Thomas Mullen

Thomas Mullen is a new to me author. His latest book is Blind Spots.

I was really intrigued by the premise. In the very near future, everyone on the planet goes blind. I love dystopian fiction and I am always fascinated by an author’s world building. Blind Spots opens seven years after 'The Blinding.'

Think about the logistics of society continuing on. And who or what is going to pop up ready to take charge. You got it - it’s not big Pharma but it’s big Tech to the rescue. Most people have jumped on board and wear their "vidder" which interacts directly with the wearer’s brain and allows them to see. But what happens if somebody takes that technology and abuses it? 

Someone does just that and it leave the police department divided. After all - can you really believe what you see?

Blind Spots was almost like two books melded together for me. On one hand, you’ve got the logistics of the tech, those that chose to use it and those who won't. This is the part that really had me thinking. What would life look like? (sorry couldn't help it) I thought the descriptions and scenes that depicted the blind were well done. On the other hand, we've got a murder case that's completely different and our lead is taking two steps forward and one step back in both his personal and professional lives. In this plotline, the amount of detail in identifying someone or something seemed like too much in my opinion. 

Overall, Blind Spots was a truly different listen for me that combined sci-fi, dystopia - and murder. 

I chose to listen to Blind Spots, which seemed apropos! The reader was award winning Gary Tiedemann. He's got a really interesting voice with a little something underneath. His speaking is crisp, clean and easy on the ears. He has interpreted Mullen's book well, hitting all the right places in terms of plot, action and dialogue. He has lots of movement is his narration. Hear for yourself - listen to an audio excerpt of Blind Spots



Mystica said...

I found the premise over whelming. Thanks for the update

Luanne said...

It was a mind twister Mystica! Thanks for stopping by.