Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Win - Harlan Coben

Well truthfully, if Harlen Coben wrote it - I want to read it. Even more so when I discovered this latest featured Windsor Horne Lockwood III - aka Win.

Coben has penned a great series featuring Myron Bolitar - sports rep/detective. I know, odd combo, but it really works. And Myron's sidekick is the aforementioned Win. Win doesn't say too much in those books, but later entries have given readers peeks into this enigmatic character. Until.....yes, you guessed it, this book features Win as the lead!

Win is hauled in by the FBI and taken to the site of a murder. A missing painting that belonged to his family as well as a suitcase bearing his crest and monogrammed initials has been found at the scene. And Win is now officially a suspect.

Did I mention that Win is incredibly rich? Has his own sense of justice? Is drawn to violence? Is not someone you want to cross? Is unpredictable? Is a man who loves the finer things in life? Yup, all that and more. Oh, and that the exterior belies who is really inside that designer label suit. Which only adds the delicious unknown in predicting where the plot is going to go.

And it heads places completely unexpected - domestic terrorism, with some side stops along they way. We learn more about the Lockwood clan. The plotting in Win is unique and I was surprised by every revelation - and twist. I so appreciated being unable to guess what's next. Coben kept me on my toes,  right 'til the last pages.

It was fascinating to get into Win's thought processes, his reasoning and what makes him tick. Scary, but brilliant. His inner dialogue and observations are also darkly humorous and sardonically witty and wry.

Win was such a great read for me - addicting, page turning, unexpected and has just left me wanting another 'Win' book. Have a look yourself - read an excerpt of Win.


Joy said...

I need to read his books. I only have one, but I've always wanted to see what the big deal is about. I know a few of my bookblogger pals loved his work as well.

Luanne said...

Joyousreads - they're all good in my opinion as well!