Monday, March 1, 2021

The Postscript Murders - Elly Griffiths

Elly Griffiths is hands-down one of my favourite authors. And the Ruth Galloway series is my absolute favourite. Last year Griffiths wrote a standalone called The Stranger Diaries that featured DS Harbinder Kaur. It was a wonderful read! (my review) And I’m happy to say that wasn’t just a standalone! Griffith has just released the second book featuring DS Kaur - The Postscript Murders.

Peggy Smith is a senior who spends her days looking out her bay window in the  retirement home. She is older,  so it’s not much of a surprise when her carer Natalka finds her passed away one morning. But it is a surprise when Natalka finds a card a card with the body, listing Peggy as a murder consultant. Well, that opens up a wealth of opportunities and directions for the story to go, doesn't it? A mystery about mystery novels, a murder consultant, mystery writers and more bodies makes for great reading.

That mystery is clever and will keep you guessing. There's lot of red herrings to keep the reader on their toes, as well as a wealth of suspects. I admit I didn’t see the final whodunit reveal coming. (I always appreciate being kept guessing!) And the one that saves the day surprised me as well. 

But here’s the real reason that I love Griffith's books. The characters. They’re just so wonderfully drawn and I find myself so easily transported into the story and the world Griffiths has created. All of the players are just a bit quirky. DS Kaur describes herself as the best gay Sikh detective in West Sussex. She's quite clever and solves cases with her own methods. (Her family is so warm and I wish I could sample her mother's cooking!) Harbinder's inner dialogue is priceless. She often mentally visualizes her partner Neil as a squirrel. The Postscript Murders also has a group of amateur detectives on the case. Natalka, who is quite sure (and worried) that her past has found her. Benedict, an ex monk, turned coffee shack owner and dapper, lonely octogenarian Edwin, who is very happy to be on the case. The burgeoning friendship between the three is a lovely as well. The characters are believable and the reader can't help but be behind them. 

I devoured this one far too quickly. Most definitely recommended. More Harbinder Kaur please!

(And there is a new Ruth Galloway book coming later this year. Watch for The Night Hawks.)


Harvee said...

I'm also a fan of the Ruth Galloway series and have read them all, and looking forward to the next one. I'll have to try her new series starting with the Stranger Diaries and then The Postscript Murders. Nice to know they don't disappoint.

Luanne said...

Hi Harvee - they most definitely don't disappoint! Enjoy!

Dianna said...

New author for me! I don't need any more books to add to my wishlist, but too bad.

Luanne said...

Dianna - you absolutely have to read the Ruth Galloway series as well!