Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Silent Wife - Karin Slaughter

I eagerly await every new book that Karin Slaughter writes. It doesn't matter - stand alones or series. Her newest book, The Silent Wife is the tenth entry in the Will Trent series.

(Side note - this could absolutely be read as a stand alone, but you're missing out on some great reads if you've not read the previous books)

Will is an agent with the GBI. While investigating a riot at the prison, one inmate demands to talk to an agent. He insists that he is innocent, the killer is still out there and that he was railroaded by Sheriff Jeffrey Tolliver. Tolliver is the now deceased husband of Will's girlfriend (and coroner) Sara Linton. Whew, that is just the bare bones - there is so much more to this plot - did I forget to mention the serial killer?

Long time characters return - Will's partner Faith, Will's boss Amanda and....oh yes, the character I've loved to hate - Lena. Lena is a detective now, but her background, her actions and her time working under Tolliver (and now) are sketchy. And....there are chapters from the past through Jeffrey's point of view.

Slaughter's writing is amazing, her plotting is stellar and the characters are ones I've come to know and care about. (most of them.) The relationship between Will and Sara is also explored in The Silent Wife. Will is a wounded soul and Sara is carrying her own baggage. No sappy stuff here - but an exploration that suits the characters. (And I admit it - I'm a little infatuated with Will myself.)

An absolutely brilliant read! And - there's more to come - I can't wait for the next in this series!


Kay said...

I love this series and have loved it from the start. Will is one of my favorite characters ever. I'm a little behind on the Will books and think I need to read the previous two before reading this one. Love the fact that Jeffrey is mentioned in this one. I liked him too. Lena - haven't thought about her in a long time. Wow. This makes me want to go back and read all the Slaughter books again. Did I mention that I love Will? LOL

Ethan said...

I've read and enjoyed many of her standalone works. It might be time to finally dive into this series!

Luanne said...

Kay, you do need to read the two before! Okay, you could probably get away not reading the previous two - but you know they're going to be good! Yes, it was interesting to read Jeffery's chapters - my opinion of him changed a bit. But that Lena? Nope, still love to hate her.

Ethan! The series is soooo good. Start back at the beginning with the first Grant County book if you can find it - Blindsighted.