Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Seven Crows - Kate Kessler

I always have a good look at a book's cover before reading the tale. The cover for the first book, Seven Crows, in Kate Kessler's Killian Delaney series drew me in. Have you heard that old nursery rhyme about counting crows? Seven for a secret never to be told....

Killian is an ex-con, hard core fighter and is associated with a biker gang. She's just been released after a nine year stint in prison. It was a sentence she gladly served. She messed up the man who killed her boyfriend. He's tried to have her killed numerous times in prison. But now that she's out, he's trying something else - he's kidnapped her teenage niece. And....yup you got it....she's gonna hunt him down....again....

Seven Crows absolutely reads like an action movie. With a kicka** female lead. Kessler does a great job of revealing Killian's past even as she fights to find Shannon. Her extended family includes the Crow MC. Now, fair warning - the activities of outlaw MCs play a large part in the plot. And Killian's actions and thoughts reflect someone living that life. As a reader, I did initially question some of the dialogue, reactions and outcomes of certain plotlines - were they realistic? Well, not maybe to me, but they perfectly suit the tone and tenor of the plot and players.

The supporting characters are also intriguing. Dash is from the old days - he and Kill have a history. (And maybe a future?) He's running a legit business now, but behind that front, he's still got his hand in some questionable activities. His cohort, Story, is another enigmatic female support characters I'd love to hear her backstory as well.

The action doesn't stop, the danger just multiplies and Killian's own moral compass never budges. The reader can't help but be on her side as she battles seemingly overwhelming odds. Revenge drives her forward. Will she find redemption?

Gentle readers, this one's probably not for you. But if you watched Sons of Anarchy, this is a book you'd probably enjoy.  Read an excerpt of Seven Crows. And....keep your eyes out for my review of the second Killian book, Call of Vultures. It releases December 1/20.

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