Thursday, September 3, 2020

Cry Baby - Mark Billingham

This is the 17th book in Mark Billingham's long running and much loved DI Tom Thorne series. Now, although it is technically number 17, it's actually a prequel to the first book in the series  - Sleepyhead. So.....faithful fans like myself will be thrilled to explore an early Thorne in Cry Baby. And new readers can make this their first book and discover this addictive series.

Cry Baby opens with Thorne dreaming of a past case - one where he didn't arrive in time. He's determined to not have the same outcome with this latest crime.

1996. Two young boys are playing hide and go seek in the wooded area of a park. The mom charged with watching the pair takes her eyes off them 'for just a second'. And only one boy comes out of the woods. A witness swears he saw the boy getting into a car with a man. And as anyone knows, the clock is ticking for Kieron's safety.

The two moms come from different worlds, but they each seem to have secrets and pasts they don't share. Billingham gives us lots of red herrings and possible whodunits along the way to the final pages. I was sure I knew who it was, but was happily proven wrong. Very well plotted. It was interesting to see Thorne try to solve the case using only technology and tools available in 1996.

We meet coroner Phil Hendricks (also a long running character) and witness the beginning of the friendship between Phil and Tom. Thorne's personal life is also part of Cry Baby - his marriage is over, but he's having trouble accepting it.

This has long been one of my favorite series and I loved seeing the beginning. Can't wait for number 18!  Read an excerpt of Cry Baby.


Kay said...

This series is one that I have meant to start for a really long time. So, what you're saying is that I could start with this book and then continue and as it is a prequel, that would work? Ha! I'll keep that in mind. I seem to be on a 'series-binging' kick right now. And I'm currently reading about Rockton - you know where that is, right? After I get caught up there, I'll likely be looking for another series. This one does fit the bill. LOL

Luanne said...

Yes Kay you could indeed start with this one! And then the 16 that follow!

I love, love, love Rockton. One a year is not enough!

Icewineanne said...

Hmm.....wasn’t Kieron the name of the kidnapped boy in Sleepyhead?

Luanne said...

Oh, I had a look online but couldn't find an answer. I am quite curious now...