Monday, November 4, 2019

White Christmas Wedding - Celeste Winters

No, it's not too early to start your Christmas listening (and reading!) I'm starting off the season with White Christmas Wedding by Celeste Winters.

Beth has found the love of her life and decides to get married at her rural family home so that her grandmother can attend. Her best friend Jen is the wedding planner. She decides to turn the two family's barns into winter wonderlands. But winter also brings.....snow, lots of snow. And all their carefully made plans are falling apart.....

And it's not just the wedding plans that are changing. Love, from many different character's views, is explored. Beth's mother in-law to be is adamant that Beth sign a pre nup. She is so easy to dislike as she disparages the venue and more. Jen is also faced with the past - in the form of Jared, her old boyfriend. Are the sparks still there? Bridesmaid Destiny also finds herself questioning her decision to not go to New York to pursue her dreams. And a guest finds herself wondering the opposite - would life be better in a smaller locale? (And there's a few more!)

Winters does a great job exploring relationships from very different viewpoints. All are well written, believable and draw the listener into the story. I liked the large cast. When everything goes wrong for the wedding, I could imagine how they were feeling. And curious as to how things would be solved.

And of course things do work out in the end. And that's what I was looking for - a feel good listen with romance and a winter's tale to start the season. Entertaining, escapist listening.

The reader was Charlotte Penfield. She was a new to me narrator. I liked her voice - it was well modulated and clearly enunciated. She interprets the author's work well, adding emphasis and inflection where situations call for it. Her voice is pleasant to listen to with a soft undertone. I did find her speaking speed to be a bit slow for me, so I turned the speed up to 1.25 and I found this better for me and it didn't distort anything. Hear for yourself - here's a audio sample.

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