Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Knitting Book - DK Canada

There's a knitting group at my local library. I've stopped in many times to see what they're making and each and every time I leave I think - "I want to learn how to knit." And I've convinced myself I will knit hats for each and every family member for next Christmas!

But, I need some direction and instruction. And I've found it in The Knitting Book - New Edition- by Vikki Haffenden and Frederica Patmore.

And speaking of Christmas, The Knitting Book would make a great gift book for anyone on your list. DK Canada has some other great suggestions in their Wonders of Gift Giving Boutique.

The Knitting Book is a fabulous resource for anyone - beginner through to those who already have skills. Everything is covered from start to finish.... Materials, including types and weights of yarn. All accompanied with large, full colour photographs that really allow the user to see the detail. Tools includes the same excellent photos detailing needles and other equipment. The Swatch Gallery contains 30 different styles and full instructions for these are found in another chapter at the end of the book.

But how to knit? Well, the Key Techniques chapter has very explicit and detailed instructions from casting on, so many ways to knit with patterns, colours, styles, embellishments and more, right through to casting off. Over 250 step-by step techniques! Again, all with colour photographs showing how to proceed very clearly. This is what I love about DK books - the clear instructions, clean layout, easy to see and process detailed information and most of all the colour photos.

The Knitting Book also includes a number of project ideas for beginners through to seasoned knitters. And yes - there's two hat patterns! And a really easy baby blanket that would be a good starter project for me. There are sweaters, throws, runners, an arm knitted rug and more.

A wonderful resource! Check out the excerpts below.

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