Friday, May 24, 2019

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover #264

- You can't judge a book by its cover - which is very true. 
 But you can like one cover version better than another....

US cover
UK cover
I must admit, I've fallen a bit behind on keeping up with Jack Reacher. For those of you keeping up, the 24th book in this series - Blue Moon - from Lee Child releases in October on both sides of the pond. The US cover is on the left and the UK cover is on the right. Yellow colored font for the author's name on both. White for the title and Jack Reacher on both. The US cover is quite literal in it's interpretation. Nice spooky tree with a blue moon. The UK cover seems more turquoise to me. Lonely road and trees. Stop sign is a nice addition. And the lone figure accurately portrays Jack. But, the light shining down on the figure kinda looks like a UFO beam ready to whisk him away to me. Simplicty vs. busy. Hmm, I think I'll go with the US cover this week. I can't shake the alien beam image. Which cover do you prefer? Any plans to read Blue Moon?
You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover is a regular feature at A Bookworm's World.


bermudaonion said...

That does look like an alien beam! lol

Icewineanne said...

I’m with you....the US cover is much better than Sci-Fi UK cover.

Luanne said...

US for the win this week - no aliens thank you!