Thursday, November 1, 2018

Half Spent Was the Night - Ami McKay

I adore Ami McKay's writing.  I settled myself into my favourite reading chair with a cup of tea on a windblown night to read her latest - a novella entitled Half-Spent Was the Night: A Witches' Yuletide.

1881. This historical (and yes, magical) tale is wrapped around the three New York witches from the book of the same name. As the women are sat around the fire, divining what the New Year might hold, three invitations arrive for a New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball from a woman known to none of them. Should they attend?

"Christmas Day has come and gone, the New Year lies ahead. Strange things happen Between the Years, in the days outside of time."

I enjoyed revisiting Adelaide, Eleanor and Beatrice. I've grown quite fond of them. Half Spent Was the Night picks up not long after the ending of the last book. Answers and revelations to previous questions and happenings are found in this little volume. But not all - there is still much to tell.

A sense of enchantment and wonderment wraps the descriptions, the dialogue, the settings and the characters. McKay's writing is so easy and such a pleasure to read. There are some recipes included - the German sweet bread sounds delicious. And I liked the hidden little detail I found underneath the book jacket - a stamping of a mask within holly. And the title? You'll find it's origin in the last few pages.

Half Spent Was the Night is another spellbinding read from Ami McKay. My only complaint - I wanted more - I'll be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series. Read an excerpt of Half Spent Was the Night.


bermudaonion said...

Sounds perfect for this time of year.

Luanne said...

It is Bermudaonion!

Kay said...

I remember seeing the first book, but I haven't seen this new novella. It does sound like a great duo to read as the days grow shorter and colder. :-)