Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Every Breath - Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has just released his latest novel, Every Breath. And true to form, it's a warm, wonderful, heart-string tugging, have a tissue ready, love story.

Sparks inserts himself as a character in the preface and epilogue, giving that 'maybe it's true' feeling into this work of fiction. And indeed a pivotal plot point of Every Breath is based in reality - the Kindred Spirit mailbox found on Sunset Beach, Bird Island, NC. People can leave a letter, anyone can read what's left.

Sunset Beach is where Hope and Tru meet. Hope is 36 and has come to the family cottage to make some decisions about her future. Tru is staying next door, having flown in from Africa to meet his biological father. And yes, sparks fly and a deep connection is made in a short time. "...there are times when destiny and love collide."

Sparks is a master of romantic fiction - the love at first sight, star-crossed, will they, won't they story. And while pragmatic me is skeptical if this could really happen, I absolutely love escaping into the stories in Sparks' books.

I like both characters, but found myself more drawn to Tru. I'm not sure I would have made the same decision that Hope makes. The road to true love is a bumpy one at times and Sparks throws some curves into his story - including one I didn't expect at the end.

I quite enjoyed Tru's descriptions of his home and life in Africa. In the author's notes Sparks says  that " ...the inspiration and setting of the novel are drawn directly from my own experiences. I first traveled to Africa in 2010, and on that trip fell head over heels in love with the countries I was lucky enough to visit...."

Every Breath was perfect escapist romantic reading. Read an excerpt of Every Breath.


Vicki said...

This sounds really good, and I've loved every Sparks book I've read. Haven't heard of this one before so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mystica said...

Escapism romance reading essential for all. Thanks for the review.

Luanne said...

It's brand new Vicki - a perfect holiday snuggle up read.

Oh Mystica it is! And you're welcome!