Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Hatching - Ezekiel Boone

Does the cover art of Ezekiel Boone's new novel, The Hatching, give you the creepy crawlies? All that spider web sticking to the letters.....even the title alone is creepy.

No? Well, this might......

"There are thirty-five thousand species of spiders, and they've been on earth for at least three hundred million years. From the very origin of humanity, spiders have been out there, scuttling along the edges of firelight, spinning webs in the woods, and scaring the hell out of us, even though with a few rare exceptions, they are no real threat. But these were something different."

Peru. An ancient spider egg sac in a wooden box is discovered. It's shipped back to the US, already beginning to hatch. But it's not the only one......

Okay, I don't mind spiders and I'm happy to move them outside without killing them. But...if they were bent on killing me? Skittering and moving faster than......oh, now my skin is crawling.....

Having an everyday creature that we're accustomed to seeing (and squishing) seems even more horrifying than say, a creature from outer space. (Sharks, bears and birds also come to mind)

I am a huge fan of 'cast' or ensemble novels with multiple characters. Boone excels at this in The Hatching. Each set of characters - from political, military, agents and scientists trying to understand and contain the spiders, to preppers in the Californian desert, and across the world to China, Afghanistan, India and Scotland - all bring wildly different points of view and pieces of the plot to The Hatching.

The Hatching was a great, fun, squirmy read. A hugely entertaining read and it's got movie written all over it. I see that online the book is listed as The Hatching Series: Book One. The ending of this book left me thinking it was all over. But, I can see where the story could continue. This reader will be picking up Book Two for sure. Read an excerpt of The Hatching.

You can connect with Ezekiel Boone on his website, find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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bermudaonion said...

That sounds like it could give you bad dreams!