Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Trap - Melanie Raabe - Review AND Giveaway

The Trap is Melanie Raabe's debut novel. The tagline on the cover is a great invitation to open up the book and read more..."I know who killed my sister. I wrote this book for him."

Author Linda Conrads has not left her house in eleven years. The death of her sister was incredibley traumatic - she was brutally murdered in her own home - and Linda saw the man as he fled the house. The killer was never apprehended. Linda has retreated..."It's not a wide world, my world, but it is safe. At least that's what I thought."

While watching the news on television one evening, Linda is stunned - she has immediately recognized the murderer on the screen. Unable to leave her house, she is determined to catch the killer with the only power she has - the written word. Linda Conrads' newest book will mirror the circumstances and details of the actual case - and draw out the murderer.

Or will it? As her plan comes to fruition, Linda is now not as sure as she was and she begins to doubt her memories -  and her sanity.

Oh, my goodness, does Raabe play with the reader. I was on board with Linda and her idea to expose the crime through her book. (Linda's parallel book is within the pages of The Trap. As the book progresses, we learn more of the past) But then, Raabe turns things upside down. Our narrator may not be as reliable as we initially believed. I love unreliable main characters, trying to decide what's real, right and the truth as I read. Raabe turns things around more than once as the book progresses. There's a lovely little cat and mouse game between Linda and the alleged murderer. Hmm, makes the title The Trap even more apropos.

I did however, find some of  the plot devices a bit of a stretch. Linda never confides in her friends, never talks to police about her suspicions, but instead devises a plan that will take quite a while to execute - she needs to first write a book. But it is a novel idea. (yes, pun intended )  I was drawn in by Linda's history, story and quest, but only as a removed, impartial witness - I never really connected personally with her and her grief and guilt.

The word thriller has been attached to the promotion of The Trap. I myself found it to be more of a slow building plot, drawing on alternate scenarios and answers, before making its way to the final reveal.

Read an excerpt of The Trap. Sony Pictures has already picked up the film rights for The Trap.

Melanie Raabe was born in 1981 and grew up in a small village in former East Germany. After studying media and literature, she went on to become a magazine editor, freelance journalist, writer, and stage actor. While juggling several jobs by day, she wrote at night, crafting two plays and THE TRAP, which is her debut novel. Melanie Raabe currently lives in Cologne and loves the stage, traveling, cooking, bungee jumping, tattoos, indie rock, and cats. You can connect with Melanie on Twitter.

If you'd like to read The Trap, I have two copies to giveaway. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US and Canada, ends July 30/16. 


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