Friday, July 29, 2016

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover #116

- You can't judge a book by its cover - which is very true. 
 But you can like one cover version better than another....

US cover
UK cover
Karin Slaughter's newest book, The Kept Woman, is the 8th in the Will Trent series. And it's definitely on my TBR list. The US cover is on the left and the UK cover is on the right. Hmm, the UK cover conveys more murder and mayhem with the burned ID, bloodstains and scratched cement (?) floor. I'm not sure what that plastic roll is? Drugs? The US cover is clearer and subtler. I like the knot tying together the rings. The grey colour extends to both versions. Font change on the title from all caps on the US to all small on the UK.  If I didn't know the author and her writing style, the UK cover would convey it better. But I do know her style, so I am going with the US cover this week. Any plans to read The Kept Woman? Which cover do you prefer? You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover is a regular feature at A Bookworm's World.


bermudaonion said...

I like the way the image is in the middle of the book on the US cover but I agree the image on the UK cover conveys the type of book it is more, so it's a tie for me this week.

VictoriaS said...

I prefer the elegance and subtlety of the US cover, the UK cover is jarring. And since you know the author's style, your comments seem to point to a better conveyance of subject. After judging a few of these it's odd to me that the UK covers are usually so loud, unlike British people.

Jennifer CI said...

It's the US cover for me this week, too. The reason: I like books from an author to coordinate sometimes, and this one fits along with Pretty Girls nicely. :)