Saturday, July 9, 2016

The 10th Canadian Book Challenge

July 1st is the start date for the next 10th Canadian Book Challenge. This will be the 7th year I've participated.

What's the challenge you ask? Well, it's hosted by John Mutford from The Book Mine Set.

From John's blog:

"The Canadian Book Challenge is an annual online reading challenge in which participants from Canada and around the world aim to read and review 13 or more Canadian books in a one year span: Canada Day to Canada Day. Reviews must be posted online and participants are asked to share links to their reviews with other participants. (It's also a lot of fun and collectively we've read and reviewed thousands of Canadian titles! Actually, the whole books, not just the titles.)

I've met the challenge every year so far! It's a wonderful way to sample the great writing Canada has to offer and discover new authors. Interested in joining? Further details and sign up info can be found here. I'll be using this post to track my progress.

1. The Hatching - Ezekiel Boon - July
2. The House Between Tides - Sarah Maine - July
3. The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena - August
4. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd - Alan Bradley - September
5. When the Music's Over - Peter Robinson - September
6. The Witches of New York - Ami McKay - December
7 The Lost Gift - Kallie George - December
8. A Darkness Absolute - Kelley Armstrong - February
9. Follow Me Down - Sherri Smith - March
10. Beyond the Wild River - Sarah Maine - April
11. The Last Neanderthal - Claire Cameron - May
12. The Only Child - Andrew Pyper - May
13. Girl Last Seen - Nina Laurin - June

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