Monday, August 5, 2013

Unseen - Karin Slaughter

Oh wow - Karin Slaughter has done it again! I've been waiting for her latest release and Unseen did not disappoint. It may be the best one yet, but I say that with each and every book she writes. This is the 7th book in the Will Trent series and ties in characters originally introduced in the Grant County series.

In the opening chapters of Unseen, Slaughter brings back Lena - a detective that I flip back and forth on - sometimes I feel sorry for her, other times I really dislike her. Also included in the action packed opening chapter with Lena is one of my favourite characters - Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent Will Trent.

But, not the Will I expected to see - instead he is undercover this time, posing as an ex-con maintenance man at a local hospital, hoping to make the connections that will lead officials to a criminal king-pin known as Big Whitey.

I was hooked from that first chapter, but Slaughter is a devious author. A few chapters in, she backtracks to a week ago, with the events that led up to that blood soaked opening chapter......but leaves off at a key revelation. What was behind that wall? Well, there was no going back for this reader - I stayed up late, got up early and feverishly read on every break at work.

After fourteen books, I've become invested in these characters - they have substance and just feel 'real'. Dr. Sara Linton has been a constant in both series. Sara is forced to revisit the past in Unseen and the 'feud' between her and Lena finally comes to a head. A conclusion seems to be reached, but I don't know if I'm happy with it. Karin Slaughter is never predictable in handling her characters' lives. Strong, silent, enigmatic Will is such a great protagonist - a damaged knight with his own dark past. Other regulars - Will's partner Faith and his boss Amanda are also back. Slaughter continues to expand and explore her character's personal lives with every book.

Slaughter has come up with some really scary bad guys this time around. Really scary. I'm not going to detail the plot - but it's gripping, gritty and graphic. (Fair warning to gentle readers) I could see what was coming and was so tempted many times to flip ahead, just to see.....but I didn't. Slaughter kept me guessing to the very last pages - there was a gotcha I didn't see coming. And it takes a bit to surprise this crime fiction fan. Read an excerpt of Unseen.

Although there is enough of the past revealed to enjoy Unseen as a stand alone, you would be robbing yourself of an absolute fantastic series and the journey to this latest book. Do yourself a favour and start at the beginning of the Grant Series with Blindsighted. You can find Karin Slaughter on Facebook.


Priya said...

Sounds like another great author, I'd never heard of. Nice review. I especially appreciate that last line, I will definitely try Blindsighted!

bermudaonion said...

I've got to try another one of these books. I tried an audio of one and it was just okay but the narrator had a horrible fake southern accent.

Luanne said...

Thanks Priya - I've enjoyed every book in the series.

Kathy - this reader was good. Now, mind you I wouldn't recognize a bad southern accent!