Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Pocket Wife - Susan Crawford

Here's another great read for those who love psychological fiction - The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford.

Dana's neighbour Celia has been found murdered - and Dana was apparently the last person to see her. Apparently - because Dana can't remember much of their visit. Sure, they were drinking, but....

But, Dana is also bi-polar and off her meds. And she's scared - because what if she's the one who killed Celia? But her husband is acting oddly as well. And so is Celia's husband. What about the nosy neighbour?

Oh yes, we have got ourselves a wonderfully unreliable narrator! Which of Dana's memories are the truth? What is imagined? Who is the actual murderer? Crawford captures Dana's fractured thinking extremely well. I love this type of narrator - there is no way to predict which way the story is going to go. I enjoy watching for subtle clues in behavior or dialogue that would perhaps point the way to the truth.

Celia's death is at the heart of the novel, but Crawford also explores a marriage in trouble, mental illness and familial relationships in The Pocket Wife - all to great effect. Detective Jack Moss is investigating Celia's death, but he has a rich personal storyline of his own and his own narrative, rife with doubts as well.

But I have no doubt you're going to enjoy The Pocket Wife. Definitely recommended. Read an excerpt of The Pocket Wife. You can connect with Susan Crawford on Twitter  and find her on Facebook. I'll be watching for the next book from this author!


bermudaonion said...

I need to dig this one out of my pile!

Kay said...

Yes, this one is coming up soon on my list of "next to read". Soon, soon.

Vee said...

Oh my! Sounds intense!