Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Find Momo Coast to Coast - Andrew Knapp

You might remember me reviewing Find Momo last year - I adored it! (my review). Well, Momo is on the move again with his BFF Andrew Knapp. This time it's Find Momo Coast to Coast!

Who is Momo you ask? Well Momo is Andrew's border collie. And he just happens to like to hide. And he sits really still while Andrew takes a picture of him. Lots of pictures. Andrew started sharing them with his Instagram friends.....who shared them with their friends.... who shared it with.... and they now have over 250,000 followers!

Andrew and Momo are on the road again as...."adventure occurs when we embrace change. This book is a game of hide-and-seek, a record of our exploration and a review of the journey...which was, of course, the destination."

Coast to Coast takes the duo on a 15,000 mile journey through Canada and the US. And at 100 of their stops, Knapp takes a photo of Momo - hiding. The trick is, of course, to find Momo - although it's not as easy as you would think in some photos! There is an answer key in the back if you get stumped.

Knapp is a talented photographer. His shots range from landmarks to off the beaten path areas and attractions. It was those off the main track photos that I enjoyed the most. My only suggestion would have been to have the photos captioned with locations, although these can be found in the answer key as well.

And, as I did with Knapp's first book - I adored this one as well. There's great photography, the fun of playing hide and see with a border collie - but also the idea of packing up in yellow VW van and heading out to whatever adventure awaits - with a faithful dog.

Find Momo Coast to Coast is just one of those quirky books you can't help but flip through and enjoy. If you liked finding Waldo, you'll love finding Momo. Knapp posts a new photo everyday on GoFindMomo.com or you can follow along on andrewknapp on Instagram as well. Take a peek inside Find Momo Coast to Coast.

Now, I must admit I have a bias.....I too have a border collie. Abby's getting on in years - she's over twelve years old now. But, she is still light on her feet, appearing where you least expect her to. She's the best listener in the world and her big brown eyes are so expressive.  So what would this post be without a shot of Abby?

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Isn't this book great fun?!