Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Last Word - Gerri Lewis

The Last Word by Gerri Lewis is newly released.

Now, you might be right if you surmised that The Last Word is a cosy mystery! That pup on the cover is Diva - and she has a role in things - beyond being cute. 

Obituary writer Winter Snow is our lead character. She has been asked to meet with Mrs. Arlington and have her obituary created in two days. And yes, Mrs. A is found dead and  last person have seen her is....yes, you guessed right again. Winter is now the prime suspect. It soon looks like the two officers investigating  have quite different methods and ideas. And so does Winter - she dives right in to clear her name - and find the person who's guilty.

There's a wealth of supporting characters that gives us more than one culprit to choose from. Some are innocent and some are duplicitous. Can you suss out the killer before the end of the book?

Lewis takes her time and rounds out the players with personal lives. She describes the settings very well. And...there's a dog. All good cosys have a dog. ;0) (okay - or a cat)

I chose to listen to The Last Word. The narrator was Alex Raby and she was a great choice.
Her pacing is great, she enunciates well and her voice is pleasant on the ears. She uses her voice to accentuate dialogue, emotions and actions of the book. Her voice has movement, holding the listener's attention. She provides different voices for the many questions. 

A lovely cosy, and a good presentation. 9 Hours, 41 Minutes

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