Friday, February 23, 2024

The Guest - B. A. Paris

I've enjoyed B.A. Paris's past titles and happily picked up her latest - The Guest - without reading the synopsis.

The opening prologue is the now, and the book then takes the reader back to the beginning.

When couple Laure and Pierre separate, Laure heads to the countryside home of their friends, Ivy and Gabriel. Ivy and Gabriel come home from a holiday of their own to find Laure ensconced in their bedroom. Wearing Ivy's clothes as well. A bit of a shock, but they want to help out their friends in any way they can.

I thought this was a great opening scenario. What next? And also a chance to meet the lead characters, especially Ivy. I was curious as to what would happen next.

What happens next is a slow burning tale. Ivy is a bit of a pushover. Laure takes advantage of her and Ivy makes excuses for her, over and over again. And as much Ivy and Gabriel are doing the right thing, I found it was really hard to like both of them. Gabriel is also dealing with an issue of his own. The supporting cast was newly arrived neighbours and a gardener. And as the book progressed I felt the same about them as well. Too friendly, too fast, too unbelievable.

Things pick up in the second half of the book as I waited to see if my suspicions were correct. Not quite on every thread, which is always appreciated. 

A good read, but not my favorite from Paris. See for yourself - read an excerpt of The Guest.


Kay said...

Hmmm...yes, I've mentioned that I'm a bit weary of this type of story and the unlikable characters. Think I'll take a pass. Glad you talked about your experience though. ;-)

Luanne said...

Thanks for stopping by Kay. I wanted to like at least one character, but no go.

Ethan said...

I've heard this one is a bit uneven, but I'm still intrigued by that setup!

Luanne said...

I look forward to what you think Ethan!