Friday, February 17, 2023

The Cliff's Edge - Charles Todd

The Cliff's Edge is the latest (#13) in Charles Todd's wonderful Bess Crawford mystery series. 

Sitting down with a Bess Crawford book is like catching up with old friends. For it's the characters that bring me back time and time again, but also for the wonderfully crafted mysteries. 

With the end of the Great War, Bess has 'retired' from active service as a battlefield nurse. But her skills as a nurse are still in demand. In the Cliff's Edge, Bess has done her cousin Melinda a favor by agreeing to call on one of her friends, after she has an operation. That kindness grows exponentially and Bess is entreated to travel to a remote village and see to an injured man from the manor house. 

There's a bit of a nod to Agatha Christie here - a remote setting, a limited number of suspects, all whom have been asked by the local constabulary to not leave the house until a culprit is determined. And - an amateur detective who has solved more that one mystery in her time. 
I love how the  both investigations (Bess's and the police) unfold. This historical period must conform to the mores, manners and expectations of the time and setting. (1919)  Clues are gleaned from conversations, interviews, observations, intellectual prowess and more. Todd keeps the reader guessing along with Bess by leaving a number of red herrings and lies on the way to the final reveal of whodunit.

The Cliff's Edge kept me company on a cold rainy day with more than one pot of tea. Comfort reading at it's best. 

Sadly, with the death of Caroline Todd, it's also the last collaboration from the writing duo of mother Caroline and her son Charles. I do hope the series continues. The ending of The Cliff's Edge is satisfying. But, the final pages of the book open the door for another mystery.... 


Ethan said...

I remember getting an ARC of a Bess Crawford book when I first started my blog. I really enjoyed it, but never picked up another. I'm sorry to learn of the elder Todd's passing though. I wonder if the son with continue writing.

Luanne said...

Ethan it's a comfort read series for me. I do hope it continues!

Kay said...

I am sorry to say that I have never started this series or the other one that Charles and Caroline Todd have written. I have seen them in person a couple of times and they were both very interesting to listen to. I think that Charles will continue writing or suspect he will. I need to just start reading both their series. Ha!

Luanne said...

Kay I read one of two of the other series - Inspector Rutledge, but they didn't grab me like the Bess Crawford ones. There are so many books I want to read - and I don't think that will ever change!