Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Lying Beside You - Michael Robotham

If Michael Robotham is the author, then I'll be reading it! Lying Beside You is the third book in his Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac series.

As a child, Cyrus survived a horrendous crime. As an adult, he works as a forensic psychologist who consults with the police. Evie too has survived appalling damage as a child. The one unusual thing she has is her ability to know when someone is lying. Cyrus has taken Evie under his wing, providing a home, an education and someone who believes in her.

Cyrus has been called in to profile on a case involving a murder and the disappearance of a young woman. And at her new part time job at a bar, Evie calls an uber to make sure that an inebriated woman gets safely home. Except she's not safe - she's now missing. Evie was the last one to see her - and the driver. Home life is complicated as Cyrus's brother is now coming for visits - from a secure psychiatric prison. 

I really like this pair of lead characters. Cyrus's deductive reasoning and sensible, calm manner is a polar opposite to Evie. She questions authority, rules and struggles to fit in. The supporting cast brings back many familiar faces and new ones as well. I found it easy to discern who I didn't like!

And just as good as the characterizations is the plotting. Robotham never takes the reader on a straight path to the final answer. I now that and yet, I was pretty sure I knew who the culprit was many chapters from the end. I was happily proven wrong as the path took a large turn as the final pages  got closer.  

Lying Beside You is another fantastic book from Robotham. I'm looking forward to his next book!

I chose to listen to Lying Beside You. And that choice was made based on the reader - Joe Jameson. He read the first and second books and I appreciate the continuity. His voice is rich and full and his speaking voice is clear and easy to understand. He has created voices for each character that suit perfectly. Cyrus's is calm and measured - the voice of reason. The Evie voice is great - you can hear the walls she's put up, the chip on her shoulder and the attitude that hides her insecurity. Just as identifiable are the voices for the supporting players. Jameson interprets the book well and uses his voice effectively, capturing the  emotions, situations danger and action as the book plays out. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I find myself more drawn into a book when I listen to it. Hear for yourself - listen to an excerpt of Lying Beside You.


Kay said...

I've read other books by this author and had noticed that he had a new-ish series. Good to hear what you thought. I'll be looking for the first two and then this one.

Luanne said...

Yes, starting at the beginning makes sense in this series Kay.