Thursday, February 16, 2023

Bookworm - Robin Yeatman

Bookworm is Robin Yeatman's debut novel.

Now, that cover and title had me expecting a lighthearted read. (Yes, sometimes it's solely the cover that makes me choose to read a book!) But, what I found inside the pages was not what I had expected.

Victoria is not overly happy with her life - her job, her parents, her best friend and especially her husband. Victoria also loves to read, seeking solace by getting lost in a book - and often imagining herself in other situations. One of her favorite things to do is come up with life stories for strangers that she sees.

Bookworm is told in a stream of consciousness style. Normally, I don't enjoy this style, but it does work in this novel. I felt like I was headed down the rabbit hole with Victoria. The lines between fantasy and reality have started to blur for her and there's no predicting where Yeatman is going to take Victoria. 

I liked the premise and the choice of delivery, but I did find the narrative to be somewhat repetitive - especially the 'levitation' scenes. There's not one character that's likable and I never connected with any of them. Which put me 'outside' the book looking in. I did want to see how it panned out. I did enjoy the ending - it's quite good. But, while the description of the book promises some black humour, it wasn't for me. 

Overall, Bookworm is a hard book to put a genre label on. Decidedly different. But see for yourself - read an excerpt of Bookworm.

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