Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Library of Lost and Found - Phaedra Patrick

I loved Phaedra Patrick's previous book, The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper. I knew I was in for another wonderful read when I picked picked up her latest, The Library of Lost and Found. You had me at library!

Martha Storm volunteers at her local library - she does so much to ensure the patrons find what they need. But she does more than that - she'll help anyone with anything they ask of her.  Her lists keep her on top of things. But sometimes she feels, well, a little invisible.

And then......a mysterious book of fairy tales lands on her doorstep and her carefully ordered life is turned upside down....

Oh, there's so much to love in this book. First is Martha herself. She's a character the reader will be inevitably drawn to - but you'll want more for her than she seems to want for herself. And when she does consider other possibilities for herself, you'll be urging her forward. "The thought of doing something out of character again gave her a small buzz."

Such a change might include love. Patrick's 'love story' is wonderfully subtle and slow burning.

The supporting cast of characters is just as well drawn. In the beginning I was quite sure of who I liked and who I disliked. But Patrick manipulates the reader, providing some turns in the story that I didn't predict - but they perfectly suited to this tale. I loved the quirky patrons of the library - and speaking from experience, some of them are not too far-fetched at all. Patrick's own love of libraries shines through in her descriptions and setting.

A heartwarming tale of coming to terms with the past and finding yourself - and happiness - at last. Loved it! Read an excerpt of the Library of Lost and Found.


bermudaonion said...

I'm a sucker for any book with library or bookshop in the title.

Luanne said...

Me too!