Thursday, June 20, 2019

Star- Crossed - Minnie Darke

It's summer at last and the back deck reading has begun. Minnie Darke's latest novel, Star-Crossed, makes for absolutely perfect summertime reading.

Nick and Justine grew up together. There was that moment when it might have been more than friendship, but it passed and their lives moved on without each other. They're adults when their paths cross again. Could it be fate? Ordained by the stars?

Nick makes many of his decisions by reading Leo Thornbury's horoscopes. "But Nick trusted Leo Thornbury. If he followed the astrologer's advice, things worked out."

And guess who just happens to work at the magazine that carries those horoscopes? Uh huh - Justine. And what if she, you know, slightly altered Nick's Aquarius advice every month? "It was only a horoscope in a magazine. What harm could changing it do?"

What a fun premise! And I loved Justine. She's kind, funny and a person you'd love to know. The road to love is a bumpy one. The missed cues, mistakes and miscommunications between her and Nick will have the reader just hoping that true love can triumph. But will Justine's meddling divert the way things are supposed to be?

This is the main plot line, but here's the part I really liked. Changing the horoscope for one person isn't reality. Many others also read them and follow the advice. Darke has written so many vignettes featuring supporting characters. Their lives and loves were just as addicting and well written. (I enjoyed them all, but have a special place in my heart for Brown the dog). And I loved how they interconnected.

I really enjoyed Star-Crossed! A touch of magic, a generous helping of romance, a dash of what if and some wonderful writing make for a fluffy, fun read. See for yourself - here's an excerpt of Star-Crossed.  (And admit it - you've read your horoscope haven't you?!)


Icewineanne said...

Sounds like a very entertaining book!
Cheers, Anne

bermudaonion said...

I tried the audio of this but the narrator didn't grab me. I may have to pick it up in print.

Luanne said...

Icewinneanne - I was due for a fluffy fun read and this one was perfect.

Bermudaonion - Narrators can make or break a book for sure.

Patti V said...

Sounds like the perfect book to read on the deck or down at the dock!

Luanne said...

I love it - deck or dock! and yes, it most definitely is!