Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Night Olivia Fell - Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell is the latest book from author Christine McDonald.

Abi Knight receives the call that no parent ever wants to receive - her daughter has been hurt. But it's even worse than she could have imagined - Olivia is brain dead. She's also pregnant. And the police have ruled it an accident. Abi is shocked, stunned and doesn't understand. An accident? Pregnant? Abi thought she knew her daughter...And so she begins her own investigation.

The Night Olivia Fell is told from alternating voices - that of Abi and Olivia. What Abi believes she knows about her daughter is not reality - as she begins to find out. The listener is privy to Abi's thoughts and actions. We know what has gone on, even as Abi struggles to find answers.

I love back and forth narratives and having the knowledge of what is going on with both characters. It does ramp up the tension. And makes it hard to not want to listen to just one more chapter!

The clues as what may have really happened that night are laid out as the book progresses. I enjoyed following the clues, changing my and in the end my answer to whodunit was correct. McDonald does provide many options for that final answer. But the real strength of the novel are the relationships - specifically that of mother and daughter. McDonald's characterizations are believable, emotional and relatable.

I chose to listen to The Night Olivia Fell. There were two narrators - Kelly Burke and Laurel Lefkow. I always appreciate multiple readers - it just seems more realistic - as if you really are listening to two people's thoughts. Now, I'm not sure who read what character, but both readers were excellent.  Abi's voice is 'older' and seems just right for a parent. The emotion of this character was easily communicated by this reader. Her voice has a rich tone and is clear and easy to understand. Olivia's voice is definitely 'younger' and was believable as a teenager talking. She enunciates well and her voice is clear and pleasant to listen to. Different and distinct voices were provided for supporting characters. Listen to an excerpt of The Night Olivia Fell.

Those looking for a lighter mystery with a focus on relationships will want to pick up The Night Olivia Fell.


Kay said...

I have this one on my Kindle to read. However, I'm thinking I might want to see if my library has the audio - thanks for relating your thoughts about the narrators.

Luanne said...

More and more Kay, I find myself drawn to audiobooks - maybe it's the multi tasking thing?!

Dianna said...

I'm listening to a historical fiction audiobook right now. I was planning to read The Night Olivia Fell, but might need the audio instead (after I finish this one!)

Luanne said...

Dianna - time crunch - if I can listen while I drive etc I will!